3 Easy Steps to Meal Planning & A GIVEAWAY

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You asked about meal planning; we listened! How many of you struggle with meal planning? Maybe struggle isn’t the right word. How many of you want to meal plan but don’t know where to start? No matter where you fall on the spectrum, my friend Resa from Your Day Your Style has worked it down to a science and makes meal planning easy for all (plus, she’s designed some gorgeous printables that you will want to post in your kitchen and use right away). I’m so excited she is joining us at the table today to share some of her foundational steps to get started meal planning. And, stay tuned at the end for a giveaway of her Meal Plans Made Easy Workbook and a copy of my e-book Sustainable Home Management. (Plus, there’s a coupon code to get you started right away.) Get ready to be inspired. These are practical steps you can start using today.


Does This Sound Familiar?

Dinner time was once so stressful at our home. Kids screaming,”hangry” breakouts, and missing ingredients would lead me to throw my hands up in surrender (and grab the keys for a trip to the nearest restaurant). What happened to the beautiful “Family Dinner” that everyone says is so important? Deep inside I knew I needed a plan–a meal plan. I am thankful Joy has invited me to share with you the insight I’ve learned concerning meal planning that changed our home for the best. I pray it really helps dinner time be more joyful for you and your family.

We have heard the solution to this craziness is planning ahead. But what if that is overwhelming? Where do you even start?

Start small. Try just one of these 3 baby steps, and move your way from crazy to peaceful dinners and successful meal planning in no time.

3 Ways to Get Started Meal Planning

1- Shop for 5 Meals: Make a list of 5 meals you are going to make this week and shop for them during your next grocery trip. Keep your choices simple and don’t try more than one new recipe in a week. Keep the list handy and choose one each night you cook this week. This is great for the cook or family who doesn’t want to commit to certain dishes and days. What to do with days six and seven? Do leftovers one night and go out the other night.

Free Printable Grocery List Maker from Your Day. Your Style.com

2- Make a Great Grocery List: Print out this grocery list and keep a fresh copy in your kitchen all the time. When you run out of something, highlight it, or add it on. This will help you succeed when you cook because those tiny ingredients won’t be missing or cause dinner failure.

3- Divide and Conquer: Separate the dinner ingredients from snacks or “free for all” food in your refrigerator, pantry, or cabinet. I can’t count how many times I opened the fridge to grab an ingredient for a meal and it was half eaten or worse, gone. I started keeping a basket in the fridge for dinner ingredients that were off limits to the rest of the family. Also, marking packages with “Dinner” or “Don’t Eat!” will keep scavenging hands off them.

Free Meal Planning eBook and Matching Printable Sheets WorkbookOnce you have these three tips under your belt, take your planning a step further with my free e-book Meal Plans Made Easy. In this book, I walk you through making a list of your family’s favorite meals, how to make a flawless grocery list, choosing the right meals for the right days and seasons of your life, and how to do it all in less than one hour a week!


Meal Planning Printable Sheets available at Yourdayyourstyle.com




If you want to make your planning pretty (and super organized) grab the Meal Plans Made Easy Workbook. It’s usually $9, but for The Mentor’s Table readers, we are offering a 50% off deal! Use code TMT2017 at checkout until 1/31/17. 


Dinner time doesn’t have to be stressful, it really can be a beautiful time for your family. Hey, even if spaghetti gets thrown on the ceiling, at least it got made without stress.

Okay, who’s ready to get started meal planning? Ladies, I’m telling you this Meal Plans Made Easy Workbook is the way to go. It’s a step-by-step guide with lots of printables to create a functional and consistent meal-plan system for your family. We want to help you get 2017 started right, so Resa has generously offered to give away one copy of her workbook, and I’m throwing in a copy of my e-book Sustainable Home Management. These two tools will lay a solid foundation for you to manage both your home and your kitchen well. There are lots of ways to earn entry credits (see below). You can do this!

(This giveaway is now closed.)

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