I saw the title of this book, instantly assumed the content (ANOTHER book about time management and priorities), and I decided my “Best Yes” would be to pick another book that I couldn’t already write myself. Yikes, does that sounds like pride, or what?

So I ignored the book for months, actually years, while all of my friends read it, did small groups studies about it, and testified how encouraging it was to their lives. And I plowed on without reading it.

Just this week another group decided to read it. I didn’t have any other pressing books to read, and I could get it for free from the library, so I went ahead and reserved it. I figured I’d read a few chapters, confirm that I already knew this lesson, and I’d return it to the library.

AND THEN . . .

I started reading. And then I wanted to underline something on every other page!

Lysa gets me. She is saying a lot of what I already follow and believe, but she lays a biblical foundation that explains the why of what I believe. The “Best Yes” is not “a decision based on priorities,” as I had assumed. The “Best Yes” is to identify God’s will for your life and then schedule and plan for it, instead of letting the rest of life get in the way and overwhelm your soul.

For a preview of the book, I talked about the biblical foundation for why we educate ourselves before we make a decision in my Table Talk 15: Taking Care of Yourself. If you’re not signed up for my live mentoring moments, you can sign up now, and you’ll gain access to my private FB page where all my Table Talks are archived.

And if you’re like me and have been putting this book off, click on the picture and purchase it now (it’s less than $10!). It will not disappoint.

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