The Mentor’s Table Podcast 004: “A Year of Wonder”

Podcast 004: A Year of WonderTis the season for choosing a focus word for the year. I’m sure you’ve been inundated with podcasts talking about setting goals, or not setting goals, or what is a goal and what it is not, goals that sticks, goals that don’t work, etc. So I’ll let everyone else unpack goals for you, and instead I’m just going to share a bit of what’s been on my heart and what’s challenging me.

My focus word for 2018 is WONDER. I know it is kind of trendy right now, especially with the movie recently being released. But I just couldn’t shake the word, so I decided to dig into the Bible and see what it has to say about WONDER.

In this month’s podcast, I cover a bunch of verses that mention the word WONDER or something to with WONDER or the lack of WONDER in a person’s life. This concept of allowing myself to be enraptured by WONDER is hard for this Type-A who doesn’t like to slow down enough to notice what’s right in front of my face because I’m always looking and thinking ahead to what’s coming up next and how to prepare for it.

But to be in the moment. To actually notice the WONDERS going on around me. To revel in the moment and allow hope to be stirred up and expectancy to grow for the great miracles that are ahead–that’s a challenge for me.

I hope you set aside a few minutes to pull up a chair and listen in. I believe we can all use more WONDER in our lives. And when we choose to focus on WONDER, then we truly are taking care of ourselves at a soul level–a level we must NOT neglect.

Here’s a list of the verses I mentioned in this podcast. All that I quote come from the Message translation:

Jacob waking from his divine dream and realizing that He almost missed the fact that God was there with him–Genesis 28:16-17

A cynic is the opposite of a person filled with wonder–Acts 13:41

Our God is described as a “wonder-working God”–Exodus 15:10-11

Misdirected wonder is something God hates–Deuteronomy 12:29-31

“Wonder can stimulate our faith and astonish and confuse the unbelief of the world.” Kenneth Hagin, Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The natural response to WONDER is to bow to God–Psalm 103


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The Mentor’s Table Podcast: 003 “Making Your Health a Priority”

When I say it’s time to make YOUR health a priority, the first things you think of are eating less and exercising more. But that’s NOT what we’re talking about on this podcast. This is about whole-body health–healthy practices specific to what works best for your body and your lifestyle.

And, for the first time on The Mentor’s Table, we’re bringing another voice to the table and starting a conversation about what health as a priority looks like on a practical day-to-day basis. My guest at the table this week is my good friend Lisa Ensor from Whether she’s producing a curated profile of beauty and health on Instagram as @lizzyloveshealth, or she’s blogging about real-life issues including emotional healing, style, or a fun house remodel her family has recently begun, you’re going to love hearing from this classy woman.


Here’s the little book that lists all the confessions Lisa refers to during her morning quiet time. I HIGHLY recommend it too!

Radical Remission is the book she refers to where people know how to be healthier based on what their bodies are telling them.

The Healthy Moms Podcast is one of my favorites for no-holds-barred deep insight into healthy living. The episode I mentioned about amino acid deficiency is #105.

Here’s that incredible Berkey water filter we both love. It even filters out fluoride! Remember, check out the Berkey website for scratch-and-dent discounted items.

And if you want to follow Lisa on Goodreads to get some excellent reading recommendations, you can find her listed as Elisabeth Ensor.

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The Mentor’s Table Podcast: 002 “Finding Time for What Matters Most”

You ladies have been so gracious on Instagram and Facebook with all your kind words about our introductory podcast. THANK YOU! I’m still working out the kinks, and your encouraging words keep me going.

So I know I promised you an interview this month, but based on the comments I’ve been getting so far, I decided it’s important that we spend some more time laying the foundation for why taking care of yourself should be a priority. As I mention in the podcast, I can load you up with all sorts of practical steps to taking better care of yourself, but if me-time isn’t an actual PRIORITY to you, the first time the winds of a storm blow through your life, taking care of yourself will be thrown off the priority list–and then your ability to help others will suffer.

So grab a warm mug of your favorite drink (it’s raining/snowing outside right now, so we’re already in cozy snuggle weather), and settle in for an in-depth talk about why taking care of yourself should be your priority, and how you can actually find the time to practice it.

 Most of this episode focuses on my new favorite book Essentialism. If you haven’t read it, buy it now by clicking this link. (I’m a big library-book borrower, but this book is so good that you’re going to need your own copy to mark up and be able to return to again and again when your focus starts to derail).

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Making Me-Time a Priority: Introductory Podcast Show Notes

“Too often I feel like the saying, “Too much month left at the end of the paycheck” applies to my capacity to invest in others. Do you, like me, feel like there’s too much month left at the end of your capacity to give of yourself and help and nurture others? This season we are going to unpack ways to make me-time a priority so that there’s more than enough of ourselves left to give away. We begin by discussing why me-time should be a priority, and we map out our format for this first season of The Mentor’s Table podcasts. Come join us at the table. There’s always a seat here for you.”

YOU GUYS! If you go to iTunes right now and search “The Mentor’s Table,” that’s the show description that’s going to pop up under our BRAND NEW PODCAST!

I’m a little giddy and a whole lot overwhelmed. This podcast thing is real. It’s approved and uploaded on iTunes, and soon I’ll be figuring out how to get it to the other places you get your podcasts. PLEASE comment where you get your podcasts so I can be sure to get the podcast listed there as well.

And then, please, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE (click here to subscribe and join the table). In iTunes it’s as easy as clicking a button. And all that means is that each time a new podcast is released, it’ll automatically show up in your unplayed podcasts. That way you don’t miss a single episode.

Please join the conversation. Comment here or under the podcast announcement on Instagram @thementorstable. This is a discussion we ALL need to have. This is an area where EVERYONE craves improvement. And this is an issue that’s only going to change if you decide to go on the offense and MAKE IT A PRIORITY.

And, as all good podcasters will tell you, leaving a review and rating is SUPER HELPFUL to spreading the word. I really really appreciate it. Let’s get the word out and bring more great women to the table to join the conversation.


In this podcast, I mentioned one of my new favorite leadership podcast finds: The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. And just like Craig Groeschel’s, this is SOLID GOLD every time. Unlike Craig Groeschel’s podcast, this is an interview format, so Carey talks with heavy hitters every time. I mentioned the interview he did with Dr. Henry Cloud, episode 160, which you don’t want to miss. And then, just yesterday, I was listening to episode 163 with Erwin McManus, and I resolved to listen to this one again and again. It’s just crammed with insight and empowerment.


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