Table Talk 28: Summer Challenge

Welcome to and our weekly LIVE mentoring moment designed to encourage, empower, and connect with other women–YOU–who want to live life–spirit, soul, and body–more fully. If you’re just joining us for the first time, sign up (filling in the form on the right) for live mentoring moments so I can add you to my private FB group. There you can go through all the archived videos and fill up on encouragement and exhortation.

Table Talk

Let’s start with a BIG update! As you know, we feel called to move to Jackson. It’s where our community, our framily, lives and does life, and we need to do life with others. Growth happens in a group. You can’t win alone. As of the last update on Table Talk 25: “Announcement & Minimalism,” the only place we could find in our price range was a 2-bedroom, 750-square-foot apartment on the second floor with ZERO grassy play area. So I took our lemons and made lemonade! I started selling our stuff and endeavoring to embrace the principles of minimalism–using this as an opportunity to focus less on stuff and more on relationships. But my 6 year old middle child HATED that apartment, so she prayed daily that God would “give us a house so that we didn’t have to move into the apartment.” Well, we signed the contract and put down deposit money on that apartment, and she kept praying. And I tried to get her to understand that it was too late, and I needed her to start focusing on the good aspects of the apartment, but she kept praying.

THREE DAYS LATER, I got a call that changed everything. A friend told me a condo across the parking lot from her just opened up–1400

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Table Talk #27: The Value of the Table


Thank you so much for joining us at The Mentor’s Table. Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and since this site is designed to encourage, empower, and connect with women who want to do life better–spirit, soul, and body– is a great “gift” to share with a special mama in your life. Take them to the site to get signed up for these LIVE mentoring moments, and then give them the numbers of your favorite Table Talks, so they can go through and listen and be encouraged right away.

It’s official! Thursday is our new Table Talk day. Mark your calendars, and be sure to join us LIVE.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you know that I have a big weekend ahead with my eldest daughter. I’ve been gearing up for this transition into adolesence and doing as much research as possible. Two of my main sources that helped me prepare for this weekend are:

  1. Gail Anderson on Periscope/YouTube. Her Mentoring Moments for Moms are always solid gold. She was so gracious to personally respond to my email questions and give me a list of lots of resources to help prepare me for this transition of parenting adolescents.
  2. Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl by Dannah Gresh (author of the Secret Keeper Girl series). This book had everything I needed to get me prepared for this weekend. It’s light and upbeat, concise and practical. I highly recommend it! And for all the boy moms, she’s got Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy. I haven’t read it, but if it’s along the lines of the girl equivalent, I’m sure it’s going to be helpful.


Today’s Table Talk is about, well, tables. A table is a staple in any home. It’s an instant people magnet (my community group gathers at the table without any prompting, but they wait for an invitation to sit in the living room).

I chose the name The Mentor’s Table, because the word table naturally evokes a sense of security and fellowship. And it’s no wonder, considering the statistics of families who eat together at the table at least five times a week. On (and many other sites), for your children, the benefits of eating together are hard to ignore:

*Less stress 

*Better grades 

*Less likely to smoke, drink, do drugs, develop an eating disorder or struggle with obesity



I recently listened to The Splendid Table podcast #629 with Pableaux Johnson. Pableaux is a photographer in New Orleans who has taken the tradition of red beans on Monday to a whole new level. Every Monday night he opens his home to family and friends and serves a simple meal of red beans and rice (He even shares his recipe). Friends and family show up with a bottle of wine or their favorite beverage,

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Table Talk #26: You Are Enough (Mother’s Day episode)


A little bio for those who may be new to our Table Talks: I am esposa to my Superman, married 11 years now. Mama to three girls. I homeschool the two older girls. I’m the elementary children’s minister at my church. And I’m in the midst of an originally involuntary shift toward minimalism because in the next few weeks, we are moving from 1900 square feet and a 2-car garage to 750 square feet, no garage (Check out Table Talk 25 for all the details). I love adventure in the outdoors, writing (I will be a published children’s author one day), and campfires. Did you sense a theme? Kids. Being a mom is a big part of who I am right now.

A minimalism side note, I just listened to a great episode of one of my recent favorite podcasts (The Simple Show), and the host Tsh Oxenreider (a kindred spirit) was discussing capsule wardrobes–basically applying minimalism principles to your clothing. Her co-host gave a great tip when trying to figure out what your core clothes are to pull out first–she said to start with what you would pack for a vacation. Genius! Take a listen here.


As I prayed about this week’s talk, I felt that it was time for a little shot of affirmation and confidence for all the mamas out there. Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I felt it’s timely to speak some life into the mamas watching. But, even though this talk is directed toward the mamas, there’s encouragement for every woman no matter your season of life because the struggle for mamas is often rooted in COMPARISON. And isn’t comparison a universal struggle for women?

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Table Talk #25 A Big Announcement & Minimalism

Welcome & Introduction: I’m Joy from Right now you can go on the site and purchase the book, Love and Respect, that is rocking my 2017. Even if you’ve read it, you need to read it again.

Announcement: I’ve talked about my journey facing my fears and the weakness of my faith, especially in Table Talk 20. Go back and watch. One of our big decisions was moving—we felt an overwhelming sense that we were supposed to move to Jackson, even though we love our little town about 40 minutes away.

At first, all we could see were the reasons why NOT to move—we have to rent again (we want to buy), it’s more expensive, it’s farther away from our home school community, it’s way more expensive, we’ve gotten to know the families in the valley, MO MONEY!

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