Table Talk #26: You Are Enough (Mother’s Day episode)


A little bio for those who may be new to our Table Talks: I am esposa to my Superman, married 11 years now. Mama to three girls. I homeschool the two older girls. I’m the elementary children’s minister at my church. And I’m in the midst of an originally involuntary shift toward minimalism because in the next few weeks, we are moving from 1900 square feet and a 2-car garage to 750 square feet, no garage (Check out Table Talk 25 for all the details). I love adventure in the outdoors, writing (I will be a published children’s author one day), and campfires. Did you sense a theme? Kids. Being a mom is a big part of who I am right now.

A minimalism side note, I just listened to a great episode of one of my recent favorite podcasts (The Simple Show), and the host Tsh Oxenreider (a kindred spirit) was discussing capsule wardrobes–basically applying minimalism principles to your clothing. Her co-host gave a great tip when trying to figure out what your core clothes are to pull out first–she said to start with what you would pack for a vacation. Genius! Take a listen here.


As I prayed about this week’s talk, I felt that it was time for a little shot of affirmation and confidence for all the mamas out there. Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I felt it’s timely to speak some life into the mamas watching. But, even though this talk is directed toward the mamas, there’s encouragement for every woman no matter your season of life because the struggle for mamas is often rooted in COMPARISON. And isn’t comparison a universal struggle for women?

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Unconditional Respect

Have you read Love and Respect yet? I highly recommend it. I read it last year, and I was blown away by the basic, biblical principle that a wife’s primary need in a marriage is unconditional love, and a husband’s primary need is unconditional respect. We hear about unconditional love all the time, but who’s talking about unconditional respect? That means my husband doesn’t have to earn my respect before I give it. I give it. Period. 



In 2017, my word for the year is RESPECT because, as much as I enjoyed the book last year, I did not put it into practice as I knew I should have, and I want to be a better wife to my husband. So this year I’m making it my focus by slowly re-digesting Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. 

You can watch me rehash some of the principles I’m applying in Table Talk 24: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. All my mentoring moments at the table are archived in my private Facebook group–Table Talks With Joy. Not a part of the group? Sign up for live mentoring moments here, and you’ll automatically be invited into the group.

Who’s read this book? What was your big takeaway? 

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Dangerous Multitasking; Switch on Your Brain

“Linked Science Concept: Multi-tasking is a persistent myth. Paying deep, focused attention to one task at a time is the correct way.”

[Multitasking], this poor focusing of attention and lack of quality in our thought lives is the complete opposite of how the brain is designed to function and causes a level of brain damage. Every rapid, incomplete, and poor quality shift of thought is like making a milkshake with your brain cells and neurochemicals. This milkshake-multitasking, which is the truth behind multitasking, creates patterns of flightiness and lack of concentration that are unfortunately often erroneously labeled ADD and ADHD and that are too often unnecessarily medicated, adding fuel to the fire. And it’s a rapid downhill slide from there if we don’t get back to our God-designs of deep, intellectual attention.

What does deep, focused, intellectual attention look like versus milkshake-multitasking? The answer is modeled in Proverbs 4:20-23 MSG: “Dear friend, listen well to my words; tune your ears to my voice. Keep my message in plain view at all times. Concentrate! Learn it by heart! Those who discover these words live, really live; body and soul, they’re bursting with health. Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.” It is very interesting that every cell in the body is connected to the heart, and the brain controls the heart and the mind controls the brain. So whatever we are thinking about affects every cell in our body (emphasis mine).

(Excerpts from chapter 6)

Click on the book cover to purchase.

If you are like me and do better with an audible CD version, you can also purchase the book on CD by CLICKING HERE.

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I saw the title of this book, instantly assumed the content (ANOTHER book about time management and priorities), and I decided my “Best Yes” would be to pick another book that I couldn’t already write myself. Yikes, does that sounds like pride, or what?

So I ignored the book for months, actually years, while all of my friends read it, did small groups studies about it, and testified how encouraging it was to their lives. And I plowed on without reading it.

Just this week another group decided to read it. I didn’t have any other pressing books to read, and I could get it for free from the library, so I went ahead and reserved it. I figured I’d read a few chapters, confirm that I already knew this lesson, and I’d return it to the library.

AND THEN . . .

I started reading. And then I wanted to underline something on every other page!

Lysa gets me. She is saying a lot of what I already follow and believe, but she lays a biblical foundation that explains the why of what I believe. The “Best Yes” is not “a decision based on priorities,” as I had assumed. The “Best Yes” is to identify God’s will for your life and then schedule and plan for it, instead of letting the rest of life get in the way and overwhelm your soul.

For a preview of the book, I talked about the biblical foundation for why we educate ourselves before we make a decision in my Table Talk 15: Taking Care of Yourself. If you’re not signed up for my live mentoring moments, you can sign up now, and you’ll gain access to my private FB page where all my Table Talks are archived.

And if you’re like me and have been putting this book off, click on the picture and purchase it now (it’s less than $10!). It will not disappoint.

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Gift Guide 2016

Part of being intentional over the holidays is buying presents now so you’re not scrambling last minute and filling your cart with Amazon Deal of the Days that don’t actually fit any of your family members. If you’re looking for meaningful items to add to your wish list or if you’re buying for a special keeper-of-the-home in your life, here are some of my favorite items–and they’re all less than $30! (Click any picture for a direct link to buy the item.)

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The Mentor Joy Reads . . . WITHOUT RIVAL

Click the image to purchase this book (afflink)
The premise of the book is that God doesn’t love equally (because that would mean His love could be measured, but it is beyond measure), nor does He love us the same (because that would mean His children are “replaceable or interchangeable, and they are not”). Rather, God loves us uniquely. And in order to begin to understand that love, you must first understand who YOU uniquely are. You are “without rival”; you can’t lose. You must see yourself from God’s vantage point.

Here are some more quotes from the book to begin to meditate on:

“Contentment and being truly comfortable in your own skin won’t breed complacency; they will release creativity” (emphasis mine).

“There is a very real battle going on for the strength of your soul. It is time you took your place in this world.”

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