A Basic List: Favorite Podcasts

When I find someone that I really connect with or look up to, I love love love digging into the same places that person is learning from. I want to know the books they’re reading, the shows they’re watching, and the podcasts they’re listening to. So often if they’re being challenged by someone, that same person is going to challenge me too.

And I especially love podcasts because they are automatically downloaded on my phone when a new one comes out, and I can plug my earbuds in and listen while I’m doing other things around the house: getting ready in the morning, working in the kitchen, folding laundry, etc. 

Confession: so much of what we talk about on Table Talks With Joy is an overflow of what I’m learning and being challenged by from my own personal development. In other words, many times it’s ripped straight off some of my favorite podcasts.

So if you need are looking for some similar sources to be challenged by, here’s a peek on my iPhone and what I’m listening to:

For Spiritual Development:

My awesome church, TRIBE, meets on Sunday evenings. So that leaves Sunday mornings wide open for pancakes and watching as many of my favorite churches online as possible. And if I can’t catch them live, then I make sure to listen to the podcasts.

Church on the Move: This was my home church for almost two decades while I lived in Oklahoma. It’s a consistent source of great, meaty content. Their current series LOVE WELL is packed with challenging content. Parts 3 and 4 explain forgiveness and how the Bible tells Christians to handle truly evil people. I guarantee, it’ll make you squirm at times, but it will challenge you to approach these topics with a completely different view. ALSO, Earl McClellan was recently a guest speaker on the First Wednesday service (March 2017), and this message had me in tears–powerful word of encouragement. Go listen!

Life.Church: Craig Groeschel is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastors to listen to. His messages are always concise and challenging. He doesn’t mince words. I have been especially challenged by his recent series Divine Direction (based on his new book that I must get a copy of!).

North Point Community Church: When Andy Stanley starts a series, I challenge you to just try to write fast enough to keep up with the information pours out. I just finished “Your Church” which tells all about their mission and how they do things. It’s the perfect intro to decide if this is your kind of teaching. Next week he begins a series on David, and I can’t wait. I guarantee this will be well-researched and challenge you to your core.

For Personal Development:

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast: This is specifically geared to leaders (and if you work with people, you’re a leader), and it is SOLID GOLD every time. I can’t say enough good about this podcast. My only complaint is that a new one only comes out once a month. I. Need. More.

The Kidmin Podcast: So for those of you who don’t know, I’m heavily involved in my church’s children’s ministry, and a lot of the vision and direction the kidmin takes is on my shoulders, so I’m looking for any quality source I can. The Kidmin Podcast is a newer one, but it’s been a wealth of inspiration and practical tips. If you’re in kidmin, check it out.

For Fun:

Read-Aloud Revival: I love all things children’s books, and this podcast is everything I can stand behind. Lead by a homeschool mama who’s in the trenches with me, this podcast talks to authors and other professionals in the children’s lit industry, and it just has fun. I learn about new books I want to read all the time. And the final few minutes are THE HIGHLIGHT of the show. Kids of all ages call in from across the country and give their personal favorite book recommendations and a short synopsis of why they like the books. I dare you to not smile while listening to some of these toddlers give their book recommendations.
What Should I Read Next? As if your to-read list needs MORE items added, right? Anne Bogel brings on an avid reader, spends some time getting to know him/her, and then the guest gives a list of 3 books he/she loves, 1 he/she hates, and what he/she is currently reading. Then Anne recommends 3 books the guest should read next. So fun.

I’ve got a few more fun ones on my list, but I want to thoroughly vet them a little better before I give a solid recommendation.



And if you need a tutorial for how to subscribe to podcasts on iTunes, check out my most recent Table Talk.


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