Gift Guide 2016

Part of being intentional over the holidays is buying presents now so you’re not scrambling last minute and filling your cart with Amazon Deal of the Days that don’t actually fit any of your family members. If you’re looking for meaningful items to add to your wish list or if you’re buying for a special keeper-of-the-home in your life, here are some of my favorite items–and they’re all less than $30! (Click any picture for a direct link to buy the item.)


Immersion Blender

If you’re following me on Instagram, you know that I’m obsessed with my immersion blender. I love it because it saves me time and storage space. My food processor is lovely, but when I’m making smaller recipes such as salsa, salad dressings, baby food, and more, I’d rather pull this little tool out and only have one dish to wash, rather than pull my heavy food processor out and have eight dishes to wash. This little stick  blender is the way to go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find all the ways you can use it in the kitchen to make fresh, nutrient-dense foods.

Whirly Pop

If we’re talking about intentional health, then we have to address snacks. I’m not a big proponent of corn, but in moderation, popcorn is a great snack if made without chemicals and microwaves. This Whirly Pop makes that possible. It is so easy to use that it’s on a weekly rotation in our home for family movie night. You can cook your popcorn in coconut oil (to give it a theater-popcorn taste) or, my favorite, in Kerrygold butter to cover it with yummy liquid gold that is actually good for you. Plus, this is one of the most budget-friendly snacks available. A big bowl of popcorn goes a long way when your kids have friends over, and they’re hungry…who are we kidding? They’re always hungry. (One of the reasons I try to moderate corn intake in our family is because of the excessive amount of corn that’s GMO, but popcorn, thankfully, has been untouched by genetic modifications, so you can even buy the non-organic kind and save more money.)


Christmas Pillows

Thanks to Instagram and beautiful feeds like @theseafoamcottage, @sovintagechic, @curtiscreation, @mscraftberrybush, and more,  I am having some serious pillow envy. The pillow game is strong with these ones, ladies. I love that they design and make these pillows, so you’re supporting local small shops by buying there. These aren’t affiliate links–just spreading some good cheer about products I love. These pillows will add a touch of coziness to any corner (and isn’t that the ultimate goal of any Christmas decor?). The pictured pillow is available on Amazon, but click on those small shop links to support local and get even more gorgeous options.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

We talked about this earlier this year. Not only does this lamp provide a cozy warm light, but it also works to help clean the air in your home and counteract the harmful effects of your electronic and cellular devices. If my budget were endless, I’d have one in every room of my house.


Without Rival

I’ve been gushing about this book all month. If you struggle at all with identity or comparison, this is the book of empowerment for you. I can’t say enough good about it. And, what I love about Lisa Bevere is that she’s consistent–for over two decades, she and her husband John have been teaching in-depth, empowering messages that challenge even the most seasoned Christians. Their consistency and moral character alone set them apart. And they consistently produce life-changing books that will challenge and uplift you. Really, ANY of their books make great stocking stuffers.



There’s a lot of games in our game trunk, but this is the one that’s pulled out the most. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s a team sport, and it doesn’t require any reading, so even the littlest ones in your family can join in and not have to team up with someone older.

In this game, if you land on a “trouble” space, you pick a card with an ailment of some sort (our family favorite is diarrhea because the picture is pretty funny). Under the ailment is a group of pictures of different herbs from nature that you could use to treat the ailment. Each player also has his or her own assortment of herb cards, so you can usually use your own card to treat the ailment, but there are also options for other players to help you out if they have the herb card instead. My girls (and my husband and I) are learning to identify plants in nature, and we are learning the many uses for each plant. And everyone is working together as a team, so it builds a teamwork too. Your opponent is the sun–you have to climb the mountain, pick huckleberries, and make it back to grandma’s house (the whole team) before the sun sets.


Pass the Pigs

This is another family favorite. It’s a classic, so you probably already know how to play. But the competitive streak in our family turns this game into a dramatic, excitement-filled game. Even my 6-year old loves this game. It’s so small you could stash it in your purse and take on dates at a coffee shop or bookstore with your significant other or child, and it makes a great stocking stuffer. I can’t recommend this game enough!

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