Intentional Thankfulness

A reminder to speak thankfulness over your future AND free printable
What are you thankful for from this past year?


What are you thankful for that you believe will happen this next year?


These are the two questions my family members each had to answer before the Thanksgiving meal was served. My mom would prepare a little bowl by filling the bottom with unpopped popcorn kernels. We would pass the bowl around, each take two kernels, then pass it again, as one at a time, each person would put one kernel back in the bowl while sharing what he or she was thankful for that happened in the past year. When the bowl got back to the first person, it’d continue on one more round, this time each person putting in a kernel and naming something he or she was thankful would happen in the next year.


Let’s be honest. It’s pretty easy to come up with something we’re thankful for that has already happened. Why? Because it’s tangible. We saw it with our eyes, touched it with our hands, felt it with our hearts. But those intangibles . . .

Why are we so fixed on choosing to be thankful for what we see when there’s so much power in being thankful for and speaking out what we cannot yet see?


I am a firm believer that our words make things happen. Period. Therefore, I am careful to not let words of sickness, destruction, or death come from my mouth. I teach my daughters on a daily, if not hourly basis, that they must choose their words carefully. And even with all intentionality, I still waver. A good friend recently called me out on what I was saying about my one-year old. I was venting frustration about her lack of nap schedule and strong character. Essentially, I was resigning myself to the fact that that’s just how she is, so our family will just have to put up with being disrupted for this season. But my friend gently reminded me that those words are powerful. No matter what I’m seeing and experiencing, I can speak words of peace, obedience, and good sleep over her.

Keeping silent is better that complaining Proverbs 17:28STAY WITH ME

I know this isn’t a fix-all, but don’t roll your eyes and click back to Facebook because you don’t think this would ever work with your situation. My question to you is simply, why not? Why not try speaking only good over your situation? Why not stop labeling the person you’re frustrated with phrases like, “That’s just the way he is,” or “You know how she is,” or “This is never going to change”? It will feel silly
the first time you do it, but put those powerful words to action. Start saying the opposite and nothing but the opposite, and watch. It will change.I can be thankful for this to be true for the next year

“But my friends/family will think I’m crazy. They know the situation. They’ll know I’m not telling the truth.” Then just don’t say anything around them.

That’s okay. You can save your positive talk for at home. The key is don’t speak the negative. At. All. (And listen to what others are speaking over your life and your family. You might be getting what they say too. Speak the opposite of that, if necessary.)


So when Thanksgiving arrives, you have a chance to speak life into you and your family’s next year. Look ahead to your goals and desires, and speak them into existence NOW. Let’s not put this off until New Year’s Eve. Let’s look ahead now and do our part to change the situations we’re in and begin to see positive change for the new year.

Use this FREE PRINTABLE I’ve included below to write down what you’re thankful for from last year and what you’re believing for for next year (just click here). Post it on your bathroom mirror so you see it every day. And keep those words in line with what you wrote down.

Free printable: I'm thankful for...

Good, bad, or otherwise, when have you experienced firsthand the power of your words? Comment below with your experience. There’s nothing more powerful than the word of testimony.

And here’s what I’m thankful for, past and future. Let’s be intentional about thankfulness for the future.The Mentor Joy is thankful for . . . 2016


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