A Letter to My Readers

Oh my darlings,

There’s an intangible magnetism that draws us to a table again and again. Perhaps it’s simply the routine of eating at the same spot three (or more) times a day that trains our bodies to associate nourishment with the table. Hollywood has always capitalized on the power of gathering around a table–so many montages of extended families drawn together around a table covered with wooden bowls brimming with comfort food, twinkle lights strung above, and laughter . . . always laughter.

Whether you’re in an apartment, condo, or house; whether you live on your own, with your parents, or are raising a family; these mentoring moments are for you. I’ll show you practical tips and techniques that were once-upon-a-time taught at home or, at the least, in Home Ec class. I’ll also focus a lot on how homemaking is a matter of the heart. When you are confident about who you are designed to be, and when you are intentional about making your home a priority, you will see infinite changes in that place of refuge you call home.

So, come, gather around my table, and spend some time listening, examining your heart, and growing to reach your God-given potential as a woman.

All my love,


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