The Mentor’s Table Podcast: 002 “Finding Time for What Matters Most”

You ladies have been so gracious on Instagram and Facebook with all your kind words about our introductory podcast. THANK YOU! I’m still working out the kinks, and your encouraging words keep me going.

So I know I promised you an interview this month, but based on the comments I’ve been getting so far, I decided it’s important that we spend some more time laying the foundation for why taking care of yourself should be a priority. As I mention in the podcast, I can load you up with all sorts of practical steps to taking better care of yourself, but if me-time isn’t an actual PRIORITY to you, the first time the winds of a storm blow through your life, taking care of yourself will be thrown off the priority list–and then your ability to help others will suffer.

So grab a warm mug of your favorite drink (it’s raining/snowing outside right now, so we’re already in cozy snuggle weather), and settle in for an in-depth talk about why taking care of yourself should be your priority, and how you can actually find the time to practice it.

 Most of this episode focuses on my new favorite book Essentialism. If you haven’t read it, buy it now by clicking this link. (I’m a big library-book borrower, but this book is so good that you’re going to need your own copy to mark up and be able to return to again and again when your focus starts to derail).

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