The Mentor’s Table Podcast: 003 “Making Your Health a Priority”

When I say it’s time to make YOUR health a priority, the first things you think of are eating less and exercising more. But that’s NOT what we’re talking about on this podcast. This is about whole-body health–healthy practices specific to what works best for your body and your lifestyle.

And, for the first time on The Mentor’s Table, we’re bringing another voice to the table and starting a conversation about what health as a priority looks like on a practical day-to-day basis. My guest at the table this week is my good friend Lisa Ensor from Whether she’s producing a curated profile of beauty and health on Instagram as @lizzyloveshealth, or she’s blogging about real-life issues including emotional healing, style, or a fun house remodel her family has recently begun, you’re going to love hearing from this classy woman.


Here’s the little book that lists all the confessions Lisa refers to during her morning quiet time. I HIGHLY recommend it too!

Radical Remission is the book she refers to where people know how to be healthier based on what their bodies are telling them.

The Healthy Moms Podcast is one of my favorites for no-holds-barred deep insight into healthy living. The episode I mentioned about amino acid deficiency is #105.

Here’s that incredible Berkey water filter we both love. It even filters out fluoride! Remember, check out the Berkey website for scratch-and-dent discounted items.

And if you want to follow Lisa on Goodreads to get some excellent reading recommendations, you can find her listed as Elisabeth Ensor.

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