Huge Announcement: A PODCAST Designed for You

What’s your biggest struggle as a woman?

Can I guess?

Is it finding time to take care of yourself? You know, that ever-elusive concept of me-time. That thing you reason you don’t actually need–it’s just a “luxury.”

You ladies are smart. You know that’s not true. You know you should take care of yourself. But knowing and doing are two different things. And when your schedule is full of hours at your job, hours taking care of your family, hours taking care of your home, hours hanging with friends, hours volunteering, etc., etc. Me-time just doesn’t make the cut.

I know this because I’m so so so guilty of this myself. But here’s the problem: I’m good . . . until I’m not. And when I’m not, it’s usually a huge mess. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting to get different results. So if you, like me, keep pushing off me-time for “later” and then hitting a wall that keeps you off the playing field for more time than you can spare, then join with me to intentionally STOP doing the same thing.

Let’s make me-time a priority. Let’s take care of ourselves–body, soul, and spirit. Because when we make taking care of ourselves a priority, then there will be more than enough of us to give away to all the other wonderful people and important activities that fill our schedules.

And that’s what this first season of The Mentor’s Table’s podcast is going to be all about.

Cue the trumpets: da da da daaaaaaah! Yes, you read that right, The Mentor’s Table is starting a podcast! I loved our live mentoring sessions last year, but I hated how inaccessible they were to so many more people. And if you followed me for even a smidgen of time, you know that I love all things podcasts. So, I bought a microphone and a pop filter (see, I have been doing my research–I didn’t even know what that was a few weeks ago), and we’re going to make The Mentor’s Table more accessible than ever by broadcasting our Table Talks via podcasts.

Plus, I wanted to bring some more voices to the table. I know so many incredible women that I learn from, and I wanted them to add their experience and wisdom to the conversation. So each month I’ll try to have a new woman join me at the table as we unpack this concept of making me-time a priority. Plus, we will detail practical steps to actually find time to take care of yourself. 

Confession: This is an area that I struggle with. A. Lot. I don’t have this all figured out. I’ve been the poster child for insanity in this area. But I have resolved to get better, and it’s so important to me that I wanted to take this whole season and focus on every aspect of prioritizing taking care of self first. That’s one of the reasons why I’m incorporating more voices into our table talks. And since I know that progress without accountability is virtually impossible, I thought that adding some more voices to table will also add a level of accountability to my own life to make this goal attainable.

My introductory podcast will be live in the next few days! So if this conversation intrigues you or stirs your heart because you know this is something you really need to work on, be sure to check out my first podcast. I’ll post reminders on Instagram, and I’ll post show notes here on the site. Plus, if you’re signed up for my reminder emails, you’ll get a little nudge in your inbox. The bottom line is, don’t miss this conversation. It’s going to be healing and empowering and motivating to get your life headed in the right direction. And be assured, you are not alone. This is a common struggle among women, but we don’t have to keep ignoring the issue. Let’s go on the offense and make a change in all our lives.

After my introductory podcast, I’ll post a new conversation on the first Friday of every month. In it we will discuss a different aspect of taking care of ourselves as healthy beings, as wives, as mamas, as working women, as volunteers, as daughters of God, etc. This is a discussion we all need to have, so . . .

Pull up a chair.

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