Sustainable Home Management E-book


Adulting can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Follow the three keys detailed in this e-book, and surprise yourself with how well you can manage your living space.


As a child, we all grumbled, “I can’t wait until I’m an adult, and then I can do whatever I want!” Only to find that, congratulations, you’re an adult, but you feel grossly ill-equipped and unsure how to even manage your own living space.

In this book, Sustainable Home Management, The Mentor Joy details the three key steps for beginning to manage your home like an adult. Pull up a chair, spend some time with us, and read this e-book filled with practical, applicable steps that you can take now to start becoming the homemaker you long to be (or maybe to just start to get a grip on how to manage your living space). Either way, no matter how simple these steps look, you’re going to find yourself circling back to them again and again. Take the time to deal with them now. You can do this.

Don’t just read this book. Join our community at; and find some of that mentorship you’re longing for as you brave the adult world.


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