Table Talk 28: Summer Challenge

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Table Talk

Let’s start with a BIG update! As you know, we feel called to move to Jackson. It’s where our community, our framily, lives and does life, and we need to do life with others. Growth happens in a group. You can’t win alone. As of the last update on Table Talk 25: “Announcement & Minimalism,” the only place we could find in our price range was a 2-bedroom, 750-square-foot apartment on the second floor with ZERO grassy play area. So I took our lemons and made lemonade! I started selling our stuff and endeavoring to embrace the principles of minimalism–using this as an opportunity to focus less on stuff and more on relationships. But my 6 year old middle child HATED that apartment, so she prayed daily that God would “give us a house so that we didn’t have to move into the apartment.” Well, we signed the contract and put down deposit money on that apartment, and she kept praying. And I tried to get her to understand that it was too late, and I needed her to start focusing on the good aspects of the apartment, but she kept praying.

THREE DAYS LATER, I got a call that changed everything. A friend told me a condo across the parking lot from her just opened up–1400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, etc.–and it was an incredible price for Jackson. It’s a bit more than we are paying now, but I was most concerned that we had already put our money down on something else (plus, I was embracing mimimalism! Wasn’t that the lesson God wanted me to focus on?). I told her probably not, but I would talk to my hubby. When I got off the phone and started talking to my husband, we both started to wonder, “Um, why aren’t we pursuing this?”

Money. Good ol’ money. I was so wrapped up in wanting to save money and whatnot, that I didn’t think God wanted us to take on a bigger rent payment. But He had already worked that out, and it wasn’t until this condo came up that I realized His hand was in it, had been in it from the start. You see, my husband had been called in for a job interview the week before. I could not understand why–his current company has taken such good care of us, and this new job would be a bit of a career shift, which felt scary and frustrating (why work so hard to get to this point in his career to shift and walk away from so much that he had worked for?). But despite my protests, my husband said he was going to go and see what this company had to offer. Well, it was a bigger benefits package than we are already getting, and a couple of extras that would help cut down our bills. And the biggest offer–paid overtime. So when I was freaking out about a higher rent, God whispered to my heart, “And this is why your husband got a new job offer, so you can pay for this house that your daughter has been praying for.”

Enter peace. That’s always the deciding factor for big decisions for us, and at that moment I knew this was God orchestrating His plans through our lives, and I needed to sit down, stop trying to take the lead, and let God do His plan–which is so much bigger and better than what I can manufacture ANY day.

The rest of the story is a whirlwind, but we are accepted to rent the condo. And when we went to check it out, we found out it’s at the end of a line of condos and sets on a HUGE grassy common area. We went from no outdoor options to a bigger yard than we thought possible for our little town! And my daughter is thrilled. We are all reeling in the overwhelming answer to her prayer, and we are determined to make this a life lesson of the power of faith. We will not forget this provision, and we will go back to it any time our faith begins to waver. He’s done it before and He’ll do it again.

I’m reading Waking the Dead with our community group. The author, John Eldredge, poses a statement that has slowly been penetrating every fiber of my being, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” How often do we settle or justify less for our lives (I’m not talking about material things, I’m talking about surviving versus thriving)? How effective are we in bringing God glory when our lives are riddled with woe and worry and fear and anxiety? The answer is ZERO. It’s time to shake off the lies, the scales, the enchantment if you will, that has convinced us that our semi-comfortable life is the best that God has, to ask for anything else would be prideful, right? Wrong. The more fully alive you are, the more glory to God. You can’t be nearly as effective helping a friend up a mountain if you’re headed up there on crutches. When you’re whole and living life fully, then you can be the greatest help to those hurting around you. Fully alive.


  1. Don’t do life alone. Growth happens in a group.
  2. Faith does not have to stop when circumstances make new answers seem impossible. Keep your eyes focused on God, and keep believing.
  3. Your life FULLY ALIVE is the greatest testimony to God. So stop being afraid to let it out. You can help more people when you’re whole than when you’re hurt. So give yourself permission to heal and be better.


Your challenge for this summer is to get the book Waking the Dead, and then spend your summer breaking the enchantment and waking the glory that is in you. Remember, in Genesis 1 God created nature, nature that takes our breath away, and He called it “good.” But when He made man, He called us “very good.” We BEGAN in glory, not sin. Our glory is greater than this incredible nature that surrounds us. Spend the summer letting that glory manifest fully.


Table Talks With Joy is going on summer break. Partly because it’s summer but mostly because I’m moving and then doing some traveling, and I need to focus on our family. I’ll pop in now and again over the summer, but we’ll be back in full force this fall with weekly Table Talks to mentor and empower you to live life–spirit, soul, and body–better than ever.

For those of you following my 1-week sugar detox, I just posted our 7-day meal plan on the site. Check it out here for lots of TASTY recipes your family will love.

Love you, ladies. Keep following me on IG. I’ll mostly be posting there over the summer.

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