Why Table?

In the Beginning

When I was brainstorming ideas for my website and trying to pick out a theme and a name, I just kept going back to the idea of incorporating a table in it. What is it about a table (a farmhouse table in particular) that’s so inviting? When I see a great table–large, solid wood, dark finish, the centerpiece of a dining area–I am instantly drawn to it. Add a large, handmade, clay bowl to the middle, and I might start drooling. I want to run my hands along the edge. I want to sit in the chairs, and I want it to be in my own home.

A Table

A table is inviting. It’s a safe place. It’s a foundation for nourishment in our daily lives. It’s where so much of our daily life at home takes place. It’s Grand Central, if you will. Meals are eaten there. Homework is done there. Projects are spread out there. As a homeschooler, education is provided there. When holidays come around, it’s decorated accordingly. Presents are wrapped there. And when friends come over, laughter and community surround it.

“A table is a symbol of community.”

Community. That’s what I love so much about a table. It’s a symbol of community. It’s a gathering place where people come for nourishment and education and friendship. And that’s what The Mentor’s Table is all about. It’s a place where homemakers can come for nourishment for the soul, education for the mind, and friendship for the heart. It’s a place where we can develop a community of women who are seeking mentorship in the areas of home management and excelling in the kitchen. There will always be a chair for you here. So, bring a warm beverage to hold in your fidgety hands, take a seat, and give us a moment of your time to read and listen. You can expect to be empowered and equipped when you join my (virtual) table. I will be providing live-video mentoring moments where I will share what God is working on in my own heart, so you can be assured that you are not alone in your struggles. Additionally, at this table, there will be a return to the basic tenets of Home Economics class.Why table graphic

Home Ec used to be a required class in middle school where students were taught some of the basic skills of managing a home–cooking, sewing, cleaning, and more. If you missed out on this training and now that you’re the primary one responsible for your home’s management yet you have little idea where to start or what to do, then this is the place for you. We’ll focus a lot on navigating your kitchen and cooking nourishing food for you and those in your home as well. (I can’t start a website with the word table in it and not talk about food!)

So pull up a chair, and join me at my table. And if you haven’t already signed up for a free chapter from my e-book Adulting 101: Home Management and access into my private group on Facebook where I’ll be hosting my live table talks, then sign up here, so you don’t miss a moment.

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